Welcome to the England Coast Path

Walk around the edge of England


The England Coast Path is a new National Trail officially opened in 2020. Although many sections are open and well-used, others are still at various stages. But the aim is to complete it in 2021.

When finished, the coast path will stretch for almost 3,000 miles/5,000 kilometres and be one of the longest continuous walking routes in the world. Along the way, walkers can enjoy some stunning sections of coast: vast empty beaches, beetling cliffs, broad estuaries and saltmarshes teeming with wildlife.

What’s more, the England Coast Path now gives everyone the new right of open access to England’s shore down to the water’s edge.

England’s coastal path

No-one in Britain lives more than 70 miles from the ocean. Britain is an island nation shaped by the sea. The English Coast Path will boost tourism, connect communities, improve our physical and mental health, and allow everyone to rediscover the simple pleasures of the English seaside. It will let all of us access, appreciate and enjoy our rich natural and maritime heritage.

Several sections are already open, including the hugely popular,  630-mile long South West Coast Path — best explored on foot with some superb walking guides.

So, why not discover the huge variety of England’s coastline for yourself?